Momo program June 2022

Our momo feast event was indeed an amazing and a memorable night. Our momo program happened on Saturday June 25th, 2022 at Massey Community Hub. Celebrating getting back together after a long COVID hiatus, nothing more would have been perfect other than enjoying momo, especially at the cold midwinter times in Auckland.

Momo is the ever favourite dumpling dish among all Nepali. Momo making is a multistep process, is time consuming and requires a considerable effort. The fun in it is really everyone lending their hands to get the job done, and then of course, getting to reap the benefits by eating the scrumptious momo in the end. Indeed this is what we witnessed at the program. We would like to thank all the members, family, and friends for contributing and sharing workload in the kitchen, for arranging all the resources to ease the pressure to cook significant amount of momos, wrapping the delicious goodness, setting up the venue, arranging healthy dose of entertainment in between, and for the clean up. We did it all together. Everyone truly showed that it was a family affair by engaging in every possible manner.

We were able to whakawhanaunga with many people who we previously had not met before. We made new connections with new friends, and those who we had met before, we were able to strengthen our relationships going forward.

We were too busy dealing with the organised chaos, and did not snap up many photos. Regardless, the good memories of the night will remain in our minds for a long time.

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