Established in 2006, NZNA intends to enhance mutual support and co-operation among Nepalese and friends of Nepal in
New Zealand.

NZNA engages mainly in Nepali social and cultural activities. Ramailo Saanjh, an annual Nepali Cultural Show and Hamro Chautari, a weekly Nepali radio program (www.planetaudio.org.nz/hamro-chautari), are its flag ship activities.

Key activities delivered in the past towards the welfare and resilience of the members of the Nepali community are:

  • Offering help and support to the members of its communities. For example, NZNA supported its members of the community, including the international students, during the COVID-19 in early 2020 pandemic and the Nepal earthquake of 2015.
  • Developing resilience of the members of the Nepali community. For example, delivering Emergency Management workshops in 2019, and offering well-being programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.
  • Promoting social connections among the Nepali community members by providing various means and forums for coming together and sharing. For example, organising regular meetings and events.
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle to improve physical and mental health by offering suitable sports activities such as swimming, badminton and table-tennis.
  • Promoting Nepali culture and language. For example, airing of the sole Nepali radio programme (Hamro Chautari) continually since 2007; organising cultural programmes that is open for everyone to preserve and promote Nepali heritage, culture and language

Similarly, key activities of NZNA to contribute towards social cohesion involves the following:

  • Providing input and taking part in initiatives of agencies and government institutions such as the Office of Ethnic Communities, Auckland Council and New Zealand Police, no mention a few.
  • Developing relationships with ethnic communities and multicultural organisations. For example, involving ethnic communities in its cultural programmes organised by NZNA and organising joint events with non-Nepali community organisations.

The above are not an exhaustive list and they are a representative of the key activities.

Being a not-for-profit organisation, all activities of NZNA are managed by volunteers. Programme expenses are managed through internal resources and funding agencies such as the Office of Ethnic Communities, The Trusts Community Foundation, Foundation North, Lion Foundation, Auckland Council and Local Boards. As the number of the Nepali community members is growing, there has been increasing demand in the services offered by NZNA. Recent incidents such as COVID-19 have also contributed towards the increasing demand for its services.

Based on the results by the Election Committee in June, 2019, our newly elected Executive Committee members (for a tenure of 2 years) are as follows

Richa Thapa


Shammy Madhikarmy


Ranu Tamrakar

Vice President

Nishan Shrestha


Sameer Khanal


Subash Shrestha


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